World of House of Avida Copenhagen

The story of House of Avida Copenhagen

My name is Bettina Pagh I´m a Danish designer and founder of House of Avida Copenhagen I have a degree from the Danish design school, Margrethe-School also know as Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design and a degree from The Design and Technical Tailoring Academy of Copenhagen also called Copenhagen´s academy of pattern and construction.

For many years I designed original custom made Haute Couture to private customers using my own name, with the brand Bettina Pagh Creation. The wish to try something new, expand and create affordable, yet exclusive fashion couture and after experience a very heavy grief in my private life, I created and brought House of Avida to life.

I wanted to create high-quality, exclusive designs with a timeless touch. The designs are avant-garde yet timeless and classic, with a strung of 80s and 90s rock’n roll, one of my favorite time periods, full of life and passion. Separate A from Avida and you get Vida, which means life. Separate the last ‘a’ and spell Avida backwards again, and you get Diva. I was called a Diva as a loving nickname …. but we all got a little bit of a Diva inside … don’t we?

This is a Diva´s house of life.

Quality is very important to me and even that I don’t make real couture as I did before in my own name with only one of each .. then I do it anyway in House of Avida in some way because there are limited editions of each design and you will never find cheap materials or bad workmanship in my designs.
I’m gifted I know that .. I´m aware of it and I´m very grateful … I don’t have to do much before inspiration comes to me. It comes by itself, easily and naturally .. it can be the way the sun is shining through the trees on a winter day .. then suddenly I see evening dresses in silver .. gold .. white .. I see everyday dresses, jackets, pants, skirt or long coats .. all kind of designs will be dancing for my eyes.
Hand me or show me some fabric, leather, buttons or some other materials and just by touching it I will instantly get pictures in my head and that will eventually come out as new designs .. I have been like this my entire life .. All designs is made in limited edition and the patterns and first sample to each design is made by myself by hand the old fashion way with paper and pencil. I don’t have a specific person in mind while I make my designs from the pictures in my head but everything I create is created by a feeling and something I can see myself or my love ones wearing.

High-quality and timeless designs that lasts for years

House of Avida provides you with designs for a sustainable wardrobe, that lasts for years. The collection can be styled and mixed in many ways and everything fits together. All fabrics and materials are selected to ensure the highest quality, that lasts year after year. And take a look at the unique details each item carry. It is a world of adventure and details.

At House of Avida we requires high standards of collaborators, manufactures and suppliers, that ensures good and decent working conditions.

I mainly work with factories in Europe which makes it’s easier to travel back and forth to the factories when doing a new collection. I have been in this industry my whole life and for as long as I remember I have made needlework, handmade pieces of all kinds either by hand or by a sewing machine or a knitting machine. I also did lots of embroidery, knitting and crocheting in my childhood and I made my first design in leather when I was 11 years old. I had my uncle as a mentor while I grow up and I worked in his fabric store for many years beside working as a designer for private customers making couture.

I am very touched in my heart for all the love I have received from many people who wanted to be part of a good cause in this whole process from publishing my new company …. from my heart …… Thank you ….

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