World of House of Avida

My concept is to design and create avantgarde fashion couture to men and women in very high quality and at the same time help fellow human through my Charity fund which is attached. My style is both avantgarde and also very classic.

1 % from each sale will go directly into the House of Avida Charity fund. Fellow humans which is in need for a new start in life or in need to change there life conditions can apply the Charity fund.

Most of the pictures of the collection is taken with ordinary people wearing my clothes, Just as it was ordinary people, musicians and a few professional models which walk the catwalk.

I am very touched in my heart for all the love I have received from many people who wanted to be part of a good cause in this whole process of publishing my collection …. from my heart … thank you ….
I often get the question “what made you throw yourself into such a big project?”

The answer is simple and straightforward to me. I had no choice if I did not want my story to end up sad for such was the view at that time. I was very lost and sad at that time in my life due to everything that had happen to me.

I felt like I had gotten a giant gift, I had one more chance to change my life and I wanted to take that change. I wanted to make my dream come true, do what I am best at and help other people by virtue of it. If I could change my life and be happy every day because I worked with what I loved so intensely and then on the other hand make a difference and help other people, I could not wish for more of life. I love doing what I do….

On the paper I had a team that had to perform div. functions for me, features that I myself did not particularly wanted to do or was especially good at doing. But as time went by and the project pulled out, they got another job and I was left to myself.

It was hard and I was cheated many times along the way because I trusted and had fate in the wrong people. It was very expensive lessons, both economically and humanly. It has cost me friendships and a lot of money that could have been used to further develop, but I learned the lesson and today I am much better equipped for the future. I know to and can perform all the functions needed to reach the finish line.

I am idealist and an artist in my heart and my soul, that’s what I’ve got with me in cradle gift. I use my artistic ability in many areas and design not only clothing. I have had business and private customers throughout most of my life. I have had many exciting design tasks and have created and sewn gala dresses that have been at the ball at our Queen, several of my customers have been publicly known people and celebrities.

I have paper on my cradle gift and my skills because I was told when I was very young that you have to have paper on your skills, otherwise people will not take you seriously. So I have an education as Designer, Cutter and directrice from the best schools in Denmark. But I have also read and studied many other and different things alongside in all the years. And I have been employed next to I have created clothes to private customers. I have a deep passion for what I do, create fashion couture and I love to dress people on …. this is where my heart and soul are.

I have written novells and a book published under psynonym. It deals with the darkest period of my life and a big personal grief I had to go through. I have material for 4 books more when the time is right.

For many years I have been working from home while I was the mother of my two boys. I loved being their mother and loved my life as it was then. It was very hard when they became so big that I had to invent another life for myself as they no longer lived at home.

I have suffered from several diseases following by an accident that invalidated me for many years and subsequently two very serious cancer diseases with a year’s gap that made me think about what my life should consist of. I was sure I should die, when I got the diagnoses, but I’m still here.

In the midst of all the sorrows and all the chaos that arose as a result of the disappearance of my youngest son, my illnesses and my eldest son who moved out from home, I met the man in my life. He will always stand for me as an angel who came to me. We were very beautiful together and I knew that we was suppose to help each other in some way, but unfortunately the time was not right and after some years he disappeared from my life again. It was hard for me to lose him too and I was thinking that there was nothing more for me to do in this life. I had tried everything and meet all kind of people. Everything that will come to me from now on can only be good, I have already tried all the bad stuff.

I found myself sitting on the floor one day after crying for so long over all that I had been exposed to for the last five years and I thought my life had ended.

But then I decided that my story could not end like that. I got a miracle, the power to turn all the sadness around and then I managed to create myself a new life.

It gives me the greatest joy when I’m in my creative universe and I forget everything else.

I get inspiration for my creative universe through and by nature, a feeling, fabric and people, I can become very inspired in periods and enter my creative universe for a very long time. I always get many pictures in my head of all kinds of different models without doing anything for it and these images turn into drawings and patterns and ultimately a new design.

When I design clothes, jewelry or accessories, it’s always something I would like to wear or I can see myself wearing. Or for the men´s department, something I can see my closest men wearing, I use me and them as object and inspiration. The processing of my design is very important for me. It is very important that the sewing technique and the fabric I use is in a good quality. I make the quality check myself and I see everything if the quality is not as I want it to be. It is also very important for me that the people who work for me and with me have decent and appropriate working conditions and are treated well.

My design is exclusive, avant-garde, stylish and classic, with a strung of 80s and 90s rock’n roll. I work in a wide variety of materials, fur, leather, silk, wool, linen, viscose, cotton and jersey. My heart beats for the 80s and the early 90s, which reflects in my designs. I still have a limit of how many items I want to produce of each design and for some designs there are only one model for that specific design.

I take pride in sharing my gift, I am very happy inside and proud when people are happy for what I have created to them. I take pride in keeping what I promise. If I give my word to someone, I’ll keep it. I have my own honors concepts and some pride that matter to me. I take pride in being a good and decent person and a model for the good in humans.

I am deeply grateful for the help I have received from all the people who have wanted to be part of House of Avida and the ones who helped me with photos and catwalk in the beginning where it was super busy.

I sincerely hope that House of Avida will be a success and manage to create the foundation that will help other people to a new start, as I have predicted.

If you want to be a part of the selling team, send an email to