World of House of Avida

I called the company House of Avida, because if you separate the A from Avida you got Vida, which means life.

And if you spell Avida backwards and separate the A from Avida you got Diva. I was called a Diva as a loving nickname …. but we all got a little bit of a Diva inside … dont´ we ?

So that’s what this is ….. A Diva´s house of life …… To me, House of Avida means …. life and joy ….. and hopefully this is also what it means to the people who work with me.

My intention is to give you a feeling of being special and beautiful in a luxurious way and do good at the same time.

Help you bring out your most flattering sides when wearing and buying this garments created just for you.

And in the same time also give fellow human in need a new chance to change there´s life or life condicisions through my charity fund.

For many years i have designed custom made Haute Couture to private customers. This is a whole new experiences for me to make collections like these and I love it.

My concept is to design and create avantgarde fashion couture and at the same time help fellow human through my Charity fund which is attached. The style is both avantgarde and also very classic.

That means you will be able to have your garment for a very long period of time. You can make small changes and supply with a new pair of pants, a shirt, a dress or a jacket and then you got a whole new look.

The collection can be styled and mixed in many ways and everything fits together.

I see it as an investment … some people invest in bricks and stocks …. I invest in garments ….

I can become very inspired in periods and enter my creative universe for a very long time.

I always get many pictures in my head of all kinds of different models without doing anything for it and these images turn into drawings and patterns and ultimately a new design.

I get inspiration for my creative universe through and by nature, music, a feeling, fabric and people. I love people ….

When I design garments, jewelry or accessories, it’s always something I would like to wear or I can see myself wearing. Or for the men´s department, something I can see my closest man friends wearing, I use me and them as object and inspiration. The processing of my design is very important for me. It is very important that the sewing technique and the fabric I use is in a good quality. I prefer fabric as clean as possible without synthetic in it. I make the quality check myself each step on the way for each style and I SEE everything if the quality is not as I want it to be.

It is also very important for me that the people who work for me and with me have decent and appropriate working conditions and are treated well.

The design is exclusive, avant-garde, stylish and classic, with a strung of 80s and 90s rock’n roll. I work in a wide variety of materials, fur, leather, silk, wool, linen, viscose, cotton and jersey. My heart beats for the 80s and the early 90s, which reflects in my designs. I still have a limit of how many items I want to produce of each design and for some designs there are only one model for that specific design.

I take pride in sharing my gift and I feel very happy inside and proud when my customers are happy for what I have made to them.

It gives me the greatest joy when I’m in my creative universe and I forget everything else.

I sincerely hope that House of Avida will be a success and manage to create the foundation that will help other people to a new start, as I have predicted and I hope you as a customer will help and support me so I can do it.

1 % from each sale will go directly into the House of Avida Charity fund. Fellow humans which is in need for a new start in life or in need to change there life conditions can apply the Charity fund.

Most of the pictures of the collection is taken with ordinary people wearing my garments. Just as it was ordinary people, musicians and a few professional models which walk the catwalk at the first show. It´s on purpose I´ve done that ….

I am very touched in my heart for all the love I have received from many people who wanted to be part of a good cause in this whole process of publishing my collection …. from my heart …… Thank you ….

So after reading this … if you would like to be a part of the selling team, send an email to