Welcome to House of Avida Copenhagen

House of Avida Copenhagen – Couture and Charity.

This is high fashion couture for women and men. Some designs is only made in one specific size and only one model of that specific design.

I have made clothes my whole life, mostly to private customers and you will with guarantee not find my designs in so many stores around the world. I still have a limit of how many of each design I produce.

My charity fund helps fellow human to a new start in life. From each sale 1 % will go directly into the fund.

My charity fund is made for helping fellow humans to a new start and help them change life conditions for themselves or more fellow humans. I will try to help as much as I can, the same way as I received help when I needed a new start.

Most of the pictures here on the webpage is with ordinary people wearing my clothes. Just as it was ordinary people, musicians and a few professional models walking the catwalk at the first fashion show. All models are wearing the clothes in size 38/40 for women and size 50 for men.

I am very touched deep in my heart for all the love I have received from many people who wanted to be a part of a good cause …. from my heart … Thank you


Dress rehearsal on show